Benchy and Fenelus could get 50 goals for Taiwan Steel

Photo: Hang Yuen

This season, Taiwan Steel (otherwise known as Tainan City) made two key signings which propel them to instant title contenders. First, there is Benchy Estama better known as just Benchy is a Haitian striker signed from Hang Yuen and Marc Fenelus, a Turks and Caicos international brought in from Tatung. 

Benchy hammers in goals

Benchy had been hammering in the goals for Hang Yuen from the moment they signed him. He finished last seasons Taiwan Premier League as the top goal scorer, with 25 goals from 19 matches.

This meant he was the envy of every team with them all aware of what he could bring to a side in a full season.

Taiwan Steel have obviously decided that they are going to go after the best players in the league to make them title contenders.

So bringing the man from Hati in was an obvious choice, and he has repaid them already by scoring two goals on his debut against Ming Chuan University.

Unfortunately, it seems like only one game from the Taiwan Premier League will be recorded live, therefore it seems impossible to find highlights from this game unless the CTFA bring out something in the future so we can not say for sure how well he played.

If the forward continues as he has begun his time with Taiwan Steel, then there is no reason why he could get 30 plus goals.

After all, he managed 25 in just 19 matches while at Hang Yuen. This Taiwan Steel side that has been put together look to have a solid unit, as they are signing some of the best foreign players in the league combined with senior Taiwanese internationals.

This should help provide Benchy with the bullets, to hammer home the goals.

Marc Fenelus, the leagues best

Photo: CTFA

Since joining Tatung on back in September 2011 Marc Fenelus has been known and often talked about in Taiwan as the best player to ever play in the domestic Taiwanese leagues.

Easily the standout performer when he is on the field, it is clear to see why Taiwan Steel would want to add him to their squad if they are to become serious about competing for the title.

He has been the league's top scorer, every single season until Benchy arrived at Hang Yuen. The difference between Fenelus and Benchy is that Fenelus can drop deep, play in the hole if needed and provide for others while still being a major goal threat himself.

With 15 caps and 2 goals for the Turks and Caicos Islands, he also brings the international experience of competing on another continent to the team, which could prove to be invaluable at times, especially when Taiwanese internationals have very limited experience of playing against players from other continents themselves.

Fenelus is easily capable of adding 20 plus goals to the Taiwan Steel tally. Fenelus and Benchy, if they hit it off and can form a good partnership together they should set fear into the league's defenders

It makes you wonder why Tatung didn't try to keep Fenelus and sign Benchy instead of letting Fenelus leave.

This is the most dangerous forward line the Taiwan Premier League has ever seen, and if they follow the form that they have both shown at previous clubs, then the league should be petrified because if they do score 50 plus goals, that would mean Taiwan Steel will run away with the league title. 

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