Vissel Kobe defender Sakai tests positive for COVID-19


Vissel Kobe's ex Japanese international, Gotoku Sakai has become the first J-League player to test positive for COVID-19.

Sakai COVID-19 test comes back positive 

Vissel have stated that Sakai fell ill on Wednesday night with a fever of 38C, according to the AFC. He was then diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract inflammation. With fever and respiratory problems being the main indicators of COVID-19, Sakai was encouraged to go and get tested.

Since then, he has reported losing his sense of smell, and his test has come back positive. We wish Sakai the best of luck in fighting the virus and hope he gets well soon.

Sakai was a part of Vissel's team that played in the AFC Champions League recently and has clearly been mixing with the rest of the Vissel squad, which means Vissel should now encourage their players to also get tested.

J-League still playing practice games

The J-League have still been playing behind closed doors practice matches, which should really be stopped for now. Just because the fans are not there, does not mean the virus cannot be spread between the players of each team, backroom staff, and officials.

Japan should put a stop to these matches, or the risk of more players becoming infected increases.

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