Reysol at Kashiwa station

Photo: Kashiwa Reysol
The J-League may be currently postponed because of the Coronavirus, however, that hasn't stopped recently promoted J-League side Kashiwa Reysol banging up a bit of promo/marketing. 

Reysol captain slapped on a poster

Kashiwa Reysol captain, Hidekazu Otani has been slapped up on a poster at Kashiwa Station. Even though the Coronavirus is spreading, and the league is suspended. Reysol have still seen the benefit of promoting their team during these footballers times.

With Japan not being on lockdown, people will still be plodding about and having to go and come home from work, so it isn't a bad idea to stick up massive posters of your team as advertising, especially when you play in bright yellow because of it bloody hard to miss.

Newly promoted Reysol will be hoping that the posters do the trick and get their ground rocking as they will be hoping they don't become a 'yo-yo' team after having been promoted from J2 at the first time of asking.

There still isn't a start date for the J-League, like many other leagues around the world, Japanese football is currently playing it by ear, waiting and hoping the Coronavirus will stop spreading and bugger off!

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