Wu Lei is sick but getting better

In China, they have kept quiet about any high profile cases of the coronavirus but over the weekend it was confirmed the Chinese football megastar Wu Lei had contracted the virus in Spain. The news first broke as his club Espanyol confirmed cases and later confirmation came through one of the players infected was Wu Lei. 

Recovering well 

Despite getting sick the good news for Wu Lei is that he is recovering well and seems to have no extreme symptoms.

On Saturday the CFA made an official statement in which they confirmed the player was infected. This was later followed by a short video on the 28-year-olds social media.

He explained in this video that he is currently being quarantined at home but he is feeling better already, he also urged people to take the virus seriously.

Here is a rough translation from part of the video;

As everyone knows, I have the coronavirus. Now I am isolated in my own home, my mental state is very good, my symptoms have basically completely disappeared, and a series of examinations on the lungs have shown that the results are good and no problems. Thank you for your concern and blessings to me, please rest assured. In addition, I hope everyone attaches importance to the virus. We have not yet completely defeated it. Everyone must pay attention to washing their hands and not going out. I can't wait to get back on the pitch, come on!

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