Asian World Cup qualifying postponed

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The Asian section of World Cup qualifying has been put into some doubt ever since the Coronavirus outbreak began in the Chinese city of Wuhan. With so many travel restrictions put in place and players safety at risk, the AFC have finally come to a decision. 

March and June fixtures affected by Coronavirus

The AFC today confirmed that the Asian section of World Cup qualifying matches that were scheduled to take place on at the end of March 2020 and the beginning of June 2020 have been postponed until a later date. FIFA and the AFC will discuss when the postponed games will take place, so as of now, there are no new dates it seems.

There was no way the games could have taken place, due to the travel restrictions, that's before you even take into account players and staff health and safety. Hong Kong was scheduled to play against Iran for example, but it would have been impossible for them to travel to Iran. Nearly every country has blocked Koreans from entering, or their own citizens from going to Korea, and no one wants China to come to them.

Therefore, the AFC have taken an obvious decision to cancel, as there isn't much time in the football schedule set aside for international matches, it is going to be a right headache to re-arrange, but I'm glad I haven't got that job, we could well see Europe suffer the same fate.

This Coronavirus is a once in a blue moon moment remember, and people's lives and health should always come before sport. I am sure every country involved in qualifying supports this decision.

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