Taiwan announce new manager

Photo: CTFA

Taiwan have announced their new manager who will take charge from here on in. This is seen with Wang Jia Zhong being promoted from the youth setup to become the manager of the senior side.

Highly regarded at the CTFA

The new man in charge of the Taiwan national side, Wang Jia Zhong, is highly regarded at the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) with some people saying he is the best Taiwanese manager currently working in Taiwan.

He has been a part of Taiwan's set up at all youth levels, or so it seems. It is difficult to find any information about him in English, but we do know he was definitely in charge of the Asian Games.

Taiwan struggled in that competition but, as everyone knows the manager and coaches can only take a portion of the blame due to the footballing infrastructure in Taiwan being sub-standard compared to other countries.

In a way, it is good to see another Taiwanese fella get the job because after having two foreign managers in Gary White and Louis Lancaster, Taiwan will see it doesn't matter if the coach is foreign, local, or highly regarded as the best Taiwan currently has to offer.

If the level isn't very high at the grassroots level, then it is difficult for any manager to do well. We do hope he can pull a rabbit out of the hat though, and get Taiwan punching above their level.

No matter who Taiwan employ, the outcome will be the same 

No matter who Taiwan pick to manage the national side, the outcome will remain the same until football at a local level is 'upgraded'.

The system needs a complete make-over as with how it is now, just doesn't work. Doing the same thing over and over then expecting the result to be different is the definition of madness, but this is what the CTFA continues to do.

The issue cannot all be placed at the manager's door, but if it goes tits up again, then it will be the manager losing his job. The league in Taiwan does not produce players who are good enough. It does not offer the challenges leagues in other countries do.

Until football at a local level is 'fixed' then no manager will succeed with Taiwan. Luxembourg is a terrific example for Taiwan to follow. They should contact the Luxembourg FA and ask to partner with them or something because Luxembourg football has come a long way, they rarely get hammered anymore and have even started pulling mental results out of the bag, like a 0-0 draw away in Paris, in a bloody World Cup qualifier.

Everyone bangs on about Iceland but forget about Iceland. Taiwan won't put the money into the game for what is needed to replicate Iceland, but Luxembourg is a fine example.

So when Wang Jia Zhong continues the trend of Taiwan getting beat often, fans and media will call for his head, just like they have called for the heads of other managers, but the blame cannot solely be plonked at any Taiwan managers feet as the resources they have to work with are extremely limited, this will not change until the whole football scene has a complete overhaul.

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