Racism in Japan


Sad news story to come out of Japan at the start of the week as Quenten Martinus of  Urawa Reds was a victim of racist abuse. His club though was very quick to release a statement supporting the Curaçaoan player. 

Positive statement  

The statement from Urawa Red was clear and here it is, roughly translated and we apologise for any errors in the translation.

Since the start of the 2020 season, discriminatory posts against some players have been confirmed. 
Such actions cannot be forgiven and are regrettable. 
Urawa Reds has declared that eradication of discrimination or insults regarding race, colour, gender, language, religion, or origin is not permitted. We have formulated and implemented an action program (Action Plan) to combat discrimination with Tomo Asia-Pacific. 
Urawa Reds resolutely does not tolerate discrimination and will continue to work on eliminating discrimination as a member of the football family.
The club Martinus played against on the weekend Shonan Bellmare commented as they said;

After the end of the J1 match with Urawa match held on Friday, February 21, it was confirmed that discriminatory postings to some players were made. 
Shonan Bellmare will not tolerate discrimination and will continue to work on eliminating discrimination.

At the time it was unclear who the abuse related to but after the social media post from Quenten Martinus, it was apparent.

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