South Korea's new kits from Nike

Photo: Nike

Nike has released new kits for three nations, Nigeria, USA and South Korea, but here at the Tofu Bowl we only give a monkeys about one of those countries. The mighty South Korea! Our thoughts on Nike's new attempt at being cool and edgy. 

The South Korean zebras! 

Nike's marketing department has went into overdrive with the release of the aforementioned new kits. South Korea have been given some red fade to pink sideways checked attempted-thing for their home kit. It doesn't look very Korean to me, the faded look is so last year to. It's like Nike have tried too hard to make their kits stand out and be noticed more than anyone else.

I am guessing that I will be in a minority, but the home kit is awful. The away kit is in my opinion slightly above average but Nike have made it look like Korea are going to be running around as a bunch of Zebras. Maybe that's what Nike were going for, make the oppo think there is 24 of them and not 10, that is what those stripes are for on zebras. It's just not quite suited to a Korean side though, but with the new logo coming out and someone saying it looks as if the KFA have copied the Lion King, then Nike must have thought lets go out with the animal theme.

A zebra look isn't great for Korea. A lot of people like it online, and this is where Nike's brainwashing has went into bloody mental. So many polished footy sites are spunking off about the new kits, telling us all how bloody wonderful these new Nike kits are. Nike will have been hammering out that press release to sites like no tomorrow. No doubt some sites even got a tasty little payment to make us all follow the lead and like them. Well I won't be a sheep Nike!

They're not cool and edgy, they're mostly a bit garish, as for America's kit, it's just plain dull. Nike have been hopeless for bloody ages now, and they're still hopeless. You either get some over the top effort to stand out and say look at us, we're wonderful, or a white training top.

I'm not sure how to make Korea's kit mega, but the shade of red has to be correct for a start. And let's be honest Nike have more resources than I do, maybe they should have incorporated the Taeguk from the flag into the design somehow. My personal preference for kits is, I like them to look stylish and smart, not an over the top attempt at being full on in your face.

I originally saw the post through Copa90 on Twitter about the new kits, where they proclaimed Nike have won 2020 or some over-the-top hyped bollocks. Korea's was garish, Nigeria's was a re-hash of their World Cup kit that the world went mad for, and America's home is a plain white shirt, the away looks like the bloke fell in a puddle.

After saying all that mind, when I go to Korea I may try and buy the new away shirt. I don't like it that much, but if I had choose one or the other I would pick the away one. Basically both of them just aren't quite right. Hopefully they release them in a bigger size than the last batch they had for the world cup! No big lads welcome in those tiny things.

Nike have rarely offered any good kits in years in my opinion. I do know it is just an opinion and everyone is different but so many people are swayed by social media nonsense. I have deliberated for a while since I first saw them. At first I thought the Korea away was the best of the bunch, and it still is, but my fondness of it has decreased since I first saw it.

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