Macau Football Association close their offices due to the Coronavirus

Macau announce new cases today of the Coronavirus that is spreading like wildfire throughout China, therefore the Macau Football Association have decided to close their offices.

Macau Football Association close offices

Macau is one of the few countries around the world that has reported cases of the Coronavirus being detected in people who have never travelled to Wuhan, or China. This is clearly a disturbing development, which countries around the world are working hard to control, or eliminate by closing their borders to travellers from China.

The issue with that tactic though is a lot of Chinese travellers had already travelled before China put cities under lockdown. With Macau being a 'real' Special Administration Region (SAR) of China, this means that Macau cannot close their borders with China's say so (I presume).

Therefore, Macau have a similar problem to Hong Kong, in that they cannot close the borders, but they're worried enough about it that they have closed the casinos, and what I saw when I was there was that a large proportion of their custom was from China.

This is a good move from Macau if they have the idea to shut down competitions too, following in the footsteps of the Chinese Super League, as the coronavirus has big implications on football in Asia.

If anyone needs to urgently contact the Macau FA then they have left an email to contact them on: (competitions) (general assistance)

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