J League no more

J League no more, after games in China and South Korea have been stopped the announcement that we did not want to hear came on Wednesday. This was, of course, the news that the games in Japan have been postponed till 15th March. 

No matches for a week or two 

The measurement to suspend all football comes after China and South Korea have already taken this extream measure. The reason for this is to try and combat the spread of the coronavirus.

This would have been a hard decision to make as the JFA now have as many as 94 matches to try and rearrange with the hope they will be back at the purposed date. The league then released a statement saying;
The J-League had major events to be held in the next week or two. We had to make this decision.
I am sorry to all of the fans who looked forward to the matches, but we will cooperate in a situation that is somewhat of a national crisis.
The conclusion it is understood came after discussions with club chiefs too as they looked to compact the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, Japan have been praised for their quick response after the outbreak spread to the country.

This as seen the Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe suspend all public events in the country for a period of two weeks.

They did try to stop this extreme measure with some questionable decisions that are almost laughable. This was seen first with making it mandatory for staff and media personnel to wear masks, with further facilities for washing hands etc throughout the grounds. They also employed more doctors and nurses.

These calls made sense but here is the crazy one at the NOEVIR Stadium in Kobe, in the match between Vissel Kobe and Yokohama FC strict rules where put in place that prohibited contact with fellow fans along with not allowing spectators to chant or bring in flags or megaphones.

These measures did not work of course and we now see the postponement of matches with the next J League games scheduled for Wednesday the 18th Match when a full fixture card is planned. 

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