Ulsan Hyundai's bizarre transfer unveiling

Photo: Ulsan Hyundai

Ulsan Hyundai revealed one of the most bizarre transfer unveiling's today, at the Hyundai construction site. The new player is Bjørn Johnsen, a Norwegian international who also had the chance to represent the USA.

Monday to Friday, working on the digger, weekends playing footy

The picture looks like Johnsen is signing part-time, and will be a regular driver of the digger during the week in Hyundai's factory, then driving his digger to the matches on the weekends, just in time to lace up his boots and get a run out in the K-League.

Whoever came up with the idea of doing the promotional shoot for the new signing at the construction site should have been shot down in the meeting room. When that fella piped up in the corner and said, "got great idea lads, let's get him holding a scarf that says Ulsan and use the diggers to say Hyundai, what could go wrong?"

At the moment, he should have been told, "pal, thanks for your input but its rubbish, definitely not a goer." Unfortunately, the days where you can directly tell someone they have a crap idea, and everyone has to be made to feel wonderful or patted on the back and told they're amazing. This is why we get turd like this. Next time when you have a marketing meeting Ulsan, just tell the bloke in the corner his idea isn't good and come out with something better than a bloke with diggers.

As for Bjørn Johnsen...

Bjørn Johnsen looks to epitomise a journeyman by his record and the number of clubs he has played for on Wikipedia. Ulsan will become the 11th club of his career, he has played 221 matches scoring 77 goals, so even though he has had a whole host of clubs, his scoring record is fairly decent.

The best goal return of his career came in the 2017-2018 season, where he scored 19 goals in 34 matches for Ado Den Haag, which is no small feat considering they're one of Holland's smaller clubs.

The thing is, with these types of players who go from club to club all the time, sometimes its because they're not good, sometimes its because they're trouble and sometimes the player just hasn't found a club that has suited them or has trusted in them a lot.

Maybe Johnsen will find his feet in South Korea and slot in well. Ulsan fans will be hoping so, as they'll look to him to bang in the goals for them that could go a long way to them forgetting last season's final day capitulation. 

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