Taiwan's Will Donkin now eligible to play for Stabæk


Will Donkin signed for Norwegian top division side Stabæk in September 2019, but due to it being outside the transfer window he was unable to be registered to play in the league. Will he be registered in this month? 

Will Donkin will hope to be registered for league games

Will Donkin has been at Stabæk since September, but because he signed as a free agent outside of the transfer window he has been unable to play any first-team games. He will be hoping this hasn't seen him fall down the pecking order for a place when the matches get back underway.

He will be looking to force himself into the first team, as that is one of the main reasons he went there, in search of game time. Willy Donks is obviously aware he can only develop so much in youth or reserve sides and has taken a chance at pushing for first-team football at an early age, will it work for him? Who can say at this point. Donkin and Taiwan will both be hoping it goes well.

If Donkin breaks into the first team, it can only benefit Taiwan

If Will Donkin does manage to break into Stabæk's first team, then this will benefit himself, that goes without saying, but it will also benefit Taiwan a great deal. As Taiwan lack professional players, and have none playing in Europe, this means he is the great big hope at the tender age of 18.

He already has 18 caps for Taiwan, and is way on track at becoming the most capped player the country has ever had if he continues to play at the same rate he has done already. Right now he has a cap for every year of his life, which is kind of funny.

One major part of Donkin's game that will benefit majorly from first-team football will be his decision making and composure, which as expected for one so young is sometimes a bit 'raw' as people in the football world  like to describe it.

We will love to see Donkin strutting around the pitch and doing the business for Stabæk as that will only mean great things for himself, but will be an even greater benefit for Taiwan to have a player doing well in a European league. We wish him all the best luck in the world. 

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