Li Tie to tell his kids: "your dad realised a very important dream"


Li Tie is one of the few Chinese footballers who have experienced playing abroad, especially at the high level of the Premier League. He is now he is one of the few Chinese nationals (since the big money has started to be pumped into football) who has the chance to manage his country, and the fella is overjoyed. 

Your dad realised a very important dream

Li Tie has stated that he is basically as proud as punch to be managing China. The one time assistant to Lippi said that;

It took me 35 years, from a child who can't play football, to today becoming the head coach of the Chinese national team. I'm really very happy. I can say very proudly to my children, 'Your dad realised a very important dream

Li Tie sounds an extremely humble fella, the polar opposite of Lippi, and he sounds determined to do well for China. Since he has taken over the national side, there have been quotes in the media saying that the team have never trained so hard, as they have in the current winter camp with Li Tie beasting them.

The issue with any news coming from China is you never know if it is actually real, or spoon-fed propaganda that China wants you to believe.  It's about time the CFA (Chinese Football Association) give a Chinese national a chance managing the senior setup.

As far as I'm concerned he will 'get' Chinese football a lot more than Lippi ever could. Lippi storming out will turn out to be a blessing for China as Li Tie will turn results around in World Cup qualifying when it commences again on the 26th March, that being said, the match on this date is only against the Maldives at home.

The games on the 4th and the 9th of June will make or break Li Tie's national team career when he faces Syria and the Philippines at home to decide if China will make it into the next round of qualifying.

As they're both home ties, I assume China will get through, it may come down to goal difference but they'll be in the third qualifying round when the difficult groups are drawn. Then Li Tie will need to produce, in order to keep the gig.

Li Tie will guide China to the third round of World Cup qualifying 

Li Tie will get his country into the third round of World Cup qualifying. If Lippi stayed, then Lippi would have to get them there too.

That is because China has favourable fixtures remaining. Home matches against Maldives, Syria and Philippines and an away tie against Guam.

As well as those winnable fixtures China have left, they also have a hefty goal difference in their favour, which means that the Philippines would have to win in China, and that will be difficult for them to pull off, a draw will not be good enough for the Azkals.

We will see what Li Tie credentials areas the manager of China once they have made difficult work of getting out of their 'easy' group.

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