'King Kazu' makes it 35 seasons and counting

The story that keeps returning as the worlds oldest professional footballer Kazuyoshi Miura signed on for his 35th season in the game at 52-years-old. The player is not alone either as an experienced pro at his J League 1 side Yokohama FC. 

Not much playing time 

At the end of last week, the play named 'King Kazu' signed on for another 12 months at Yokohama FC. I would imagine his experience in the dressing room must be great as the attacker as not scored since the 12th March 2017.

He has in fact since that goal managed to play just 284 minutes of football so I would guess some of this is just a gimmick. People closer to the side will be able to tell me more about his contribution to the club away from the pitch.

The player himself said on the new contract to the Japan times "I was able to renew my contract with Yokohama FC for the 2020 season, I hope to enjoy playing football and remember to be grateful as I make an effort to achieve the club's goal of staying in the J1. I'll work hard to contribute to the team's wins."

This is a bold move for a club that will be playing J League 1 football for the first time since 2007 when Miura was just 39-years-old.

Although Miura is the oldest player in the game he is not alone in the experience category at his club. This is seen with Goalkeeper Yuta Minami at 40-years-old and former Celtic star Shunsuke Nakamura at 41-years-old. 

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