Tatung win the Taiwan Premier League


Today, Tatung played Taipower in Kaohsiung to decide who would become the overall winner of the Taiwanese Premier League. 

Tatung emerge victorious 

Taiwan's marathon league season has finally come to an end today with Tatung emerging overall champions. Taiwan's league is setup in quite a complicated format. The league consists of eight teams, and they play 'three seasons'. The overall winner of all these matches doesn't win the league.

1st plays 2nd in a championship playoff to decide the winner. It feels like the CTFA are trying to captilize on the fact that American sports are the most popular here, therefore it does make some sense that the American style sports format has attempted to be copied but it just doesn't work with only eight teams.

Oddly the bottom two teams will need to compete against any teams wanting to join, or re-join the league again next season otherwise they will be booted out of the league completely until the season after next until they can enter the playoffs to re-enter the league.

Tatung managed to win the match today, with two goals from the league's best player, Turks and Caicos international Marc Fenelus. He scored both of Tatung's goals, one from the spot and the other a good header. Fenelus has been the difference between these two sides in the past few seasons, as they have wrestled dominance of the league from Taipower. How long he remains in Taiwan is anyone's guess. There is no way he should continue to play in Taiwan as he is more than capable of playing at a higher level. Tatung will continue to win the league, for the length of time he continues to play with them, because no other team has a player on his level.

Taiwan league teams need to represent an area

I keep saying this, and I will continue to say this. Taiwanese league teams need to represent something more than a power company, an electronics company, some universities or a group of expats. They need represent local areas.

The league needs to get the teams integrated into local society and make people care about that team, and feel like they are a part of and represent the likes of Kaohsiung, Taipei, Hualien, Taoyuan or whatever.

Football is a tribal sport, and people want their team to represent them on the field. In Taiwan this doesn't happen, because who cares if the state power company failed to wrestle the league championship back from the biggest Taiwanese electronics company this year? Who really cares? The players, their friends and their family are mostly the people who care.

This will never change until cities are represented. Make every one of the eight teams represent a city or a region, then get those teams in that region promoting their identity and make them a part of that city, that locality. Get people involved. This is a way to help develop football in Taiwan that wouldn't be so difficult to do right now.

Teams would resist, because Taipower and Tatung are happy with the monopoly they have on the league and don't want it to change. People can support their city, more than the state power company that's for sure! 

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