No announcement from the CTFA as Louis Lancaster's contract isn't renewed

Photo: CTFA

Louis Lancaster worked in Taiwan for roughly a year, it might have even been a full year, however, his contract wasn't renewed based on World Cup qualifying results. Something the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) have failed to announce through their official channels. 

The disrespect is shown by the CTFA 

Louis Lancaster was relieved of his job as Taiwan manager around a month or more ago. No official CTFA announcement has been made since then.

Louis Lancaster has put his heart and soul into trying to create a footballing culture in Taiwan, no other manager has tried as much as Louis has outside of the official matches. As for the results, there has only been one manager (Gary White) during my decade of living in Taiwan who has managed to produce any kind of consistent result and those came against 'arguably' weaker opposition.

This is where Taiwanese fans show that many of them are still quite new to the sport because a lot of them keep banging on about Gary White and results he managed to chalk up, this however has so far been an anomaly in Taiwan's recent history.

Take Gary White out of the managerial equation, and Louis' results are rather similar to everyone other bloke who has tried and failed to get Taiwan winning games and loving football.

The CTFA I feel have been extremely disrespectful by not even announcing that Lancaster was leaving his position as manager of the national side. In all my time following football, I have never seen any team, be it a club side, or international team, that has never announced that their manager is leaving the post for whatever reason it may be.

Instead, the CTFA decided to do it backhanded, by sending the news to the media and getting the media to do the dirty work for them, by announcing what they didn't want to. For all the good the CTFA have done recently, this is extremely low, and you don't like to see this. Have some dignity, and announce the decision you have obviously made, don't leave it to others to do the work for you.

Lancaster's effort hasn't been acknowledged by Taiwan's FA 

Fair enough, you're not happy with the results and the performances on the pitch. You still acknowledge that the bloke has put some bloody monumental effort into doing the best he can. By visiting schools, kids clubs, doing talk ins with the fans, chats with the press. Lancaster had done a lot more to get everyone on his side in his fight to make Taiwan a better footballing outfit.

Some might say that he has probably been too nice in his efforts because, in all the best managers at the top of the game, you can see some level of bastard in them. Maybe Lancaster didn't have the right amount of bastard considering it was his first stint as a manager on his Billy no mates.

There is definitely a brilliant manager in there, and you don't get invited to the English FA's top 50 coaches course if you don't have anything about you. In his next gig though, my advice would be to have a bit more bastard, while keeping all the good parts, and he'll be onto a winner.

Everyone who has followed football from a time when Mickey Quinn was serenaded to the tune of, "he's fat, he's round, he cost a million pound! Mickey Quinn! Mickey Quinn!" Knows that meshing a team together and creating a playing style takes time. Now try to put a team together made up of mostly part-time players, who have no experience of playing outside of Taiwan, then multiply the time needed by 30/40 odd years, and you will get the number of years needed for Taiwan to have a successful side.

No official announcement from the CTFA regarding Louis Lancaster leaving is extremely dishonourable and is something I've never seen from a national team before. It leaves a bitter feeling considering a lot of what has been done by them recently can be considered to be very good and more progressive than ever before. This will be a big moment for the CTFA, will they return to type and go back to the sly, shady association they used to be or will they continue to try to be progressive?

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