Macau ranked above Guam and Mongolia

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FIFA released their new rankings at the end of November, and it turns out, that your ranking is better if you don't play any games at all. As Macau found out when the rankings were released. 

Macau rise one spot

Somehow, Macau have found themselves moving up one spot in the FIFA World Rankings, this despite Macau forfeiting the second leg of their World Cup qualifier in Sri Lanka, the official reason being announced was due to safety concerns after the terror attacks Sri Lanka had to face not long before Macau was expected to travel to Colombo.

Farce ensued, as Macau won the first leg, which had to be moved to China, 1-0 and was confident they could come away from Sri Lanka with a result, meaning it would have been the first time in their history that they'd made the group stage of World Cup qualifying.

However, the Macau FA refused to send a team to face Sri Lanka, meaning FIFA awarded Sri Lanka a 3-0 victory. This meant that they went through to the next round 3-1 on aggregate and Macau were eliminated.

All kinds of rumours were mentioned as to the 'real' reason for Macau not wanting to go to play in Sri Lanka, even though FIFA and Sri Lanka had assured Macau they would have had the highest security available to them at all times.

This hasn't seemed to have affected their rankings though, with the tiny nation (or Chinese territory, depending on who is reading) have moved up 1 spot from 183rd to 182nd.

Mongolia and Guam, get to group stages, fall in rankings 

Mongolia and Guam found themselves both falling down the FIFA rankings, even after both nations navigated the preliminary (first round) of AFC World Cup qualifying by defeating Brunei and Bhutan respectively.

Mongolia even managed to get a famous victory against Myanmar at home, fair enough it was the first match of second stage qualifying, but it should still count for something. Other than the Myanmar win in Ulaanbaatar both Mongolia and Guam have failed to win any other match in the second round.

Seemingly under FIFA's new way of calculating the rankings, that looks like you will lose points and most likely fall down the rankings. This is bad news for teams like Mongolia and Guam who find themselves doing well to get through the playoff round, but then their rankings take an absolute beasting because of the calibre of the sides they're coming up against in the group stages.

This is a very odd arrangement from FIFA and surely it won't be long before the Swiss decide that they'll just give up on playing matches in their quest to become number 1 in the World. They were the original country who schooled FIFA's rankings. As for Macau, the Swiss route is looking good for them, just another 181 spots to make up, and they can be sitting on top of the World! 

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