J League to break for Olympics

With the J League coming to completion attention will already turn to next year. A big year for sport in Japan as after hosting the Rugby World Cup this year they will start to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We saw this on Monday with dates for the 2020 season announced, which will see teams getting back into action earlier than ever to accommodate the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Japan Leagues to take Olympic break 

As Dan Orlowitz from the Japan Times explained this will mean the season starting earlier than normal to fit in the break for the Olympics.

It will mean that the Fuji Xerox Super Cup, which is a bit like the Community Shield in England will take place on the 8th of February. This is a week earlier than last year but is almost just a month after the Emperor Cup final for this season, making it a very quick turnaround for the players.

The league is going then take a break for the duration of the Olympics with the dates around the 20th July to the 9th August. This will mean that fans travel will not be affected by tourism during the Games.

This also means that players taking part in the football tournament for Japan and other nations will not miss matches for their clubs.

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