Chinese Super League introduces salary cap


Foreign players moving to China have been the talk of news outlets around the world for some years now, that could be potentially be ended in one fell swoop by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) as they decided to introduce a salary cap in a December 25th meeting.

High paid foreign players likely to leave China due to introduction of salary cap

China's footballing authorities have decided to introduce a salary cap, foreign players signed in the winter transfer window will be limited to earning 2 million quid after tax according to Sky Sports. This is a far cry from the massive salaries that current foreign players earn in the Chinese Super League.

The likes of Hulk, and Oscar are two of the highest earners, and it will be interesting to see what happens when their contracts end. Oscar in particular has often said in interviews that he only ever went to China for the stupid money on offer. Will he now try and engineer a move back to Europe, or South America, as he is clearly set for life financially after earning 20.8 million Euros per year as stated in Spanish paper Marca.

In my opinion, the highest paid foreign players will all leave once the clubs aren't allowed to offer them their huge salaries anymore, unless they find some kind of loophole where they pay them a salary, and then the player could also 'earn' the other part of their salary through promotion and sponsorship or something like this, but this money could really be coming from the club. If any country in the world is able to find a way around this rule, then for sure it will be China.

If no loophole can be found by the clubs though, kiss goodbye to the players on mega money, as they will all be off to the highest bidder, similar to mercenaries, something I cannot criticise them for considering the money that was on offer though.

Getting rid of the high paid players could be good for Chinese football 

Right, first of all, we all know that every football fan, in every country in the world loves a big name, high profile signing because it signals the intent of 'their' club to try and win something by having a massive splurge.

This could be a chance for more Chinese players to get game time, when a lot of the current foreigners leave. They could bring through promising youngsters, or players who are doing well in lower leagues.

However, that is unlikely to happen, because China has been banging on about having x amount of worldie kids coming through by this year, and that year, but they still can only muster wins in their World Cup qualifying against the Maldives and Guam. The national team struggles has even led China to resort down the path of naturalization for foreigners such as Elkeson, and even that hasn't helped much.

China still seem to have no long term plan on how to succeed as a footballing nation, and the batshit rules and regulations continue. Until China has a proper plan, with a thought out road map directing them down a path that will succeed, then they will continue to be a nation that fails at football, despite whichever foreign player they want to become Chinese, how much money they spunk on it, or how many different rules can be changed in a season. 

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