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It is Christmas so let's take a look back at what's been happening over in the football world after the East Asian leagues came to an end. So sit back and have a read as you enjoy your Christmas gifts and drinks. 

Played fined for racism 

Some more negative news in relation to racism was seen when Bahrain took on Hong Kong last month. This was observed as Sayed Baqer the Bahrain defender picked up a 10-game international ban.

FIFA described the ban for 'discriminatory behaviour' towards Hong Kong fans which was caught by CCTV cameras and mobile phone videos. The video showed the player making a slant-eyed gesture towards fans after an ill-tempered goalless draw between the sides.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old also picked up a fine of around £23,500 (238,000 Hong Kong Dollars) for his actions.

Haidong wants football in China to improve 

Elsewhere in Qatar Liverpool became Club World Champions with a win over Brazilian side Flamengo. The result led to people in China once again start to discuss the future of the game in the country as the subject of nationalisation returns.

This saw one of China's best players Hao Haidong talk about the subject in an interview over in Qatar. Here is a translation on what the former player said on China football which we have seen suffer a lot in recent times.

The world should move forward with a more advanced and perfect system and foundation, but we are not like that. We just think about the World Cup and look to the next championship, all of this is about winning.
This is no problem, but how do we win, they don’t know. They think with lots of training this will happen and then there is the so-called naturalisation, etc. I don't know what the naturalisation is for now. 
No problem, but what are players naturalised for? Is it for the World Cup qualifying? Other countries have naturalised players.  
Although like Japan, to be a player that is naturalised you have to live there for ten years. These players are not nationalised just for the World Cup. In China naturalisation does not work like this. In China, we expect results overnight.  
For example, let's look at Lippi three or five years ago, ask him what to do, he would say it is difficult for our current national team players to enter the Qatar World Cup. 
They think we have so many players but no matter it is very hard to be in the top three in Asia. You may think that if everyone comes, there is hope. It doesn't matter whether a player can identify with our culture or not. We have 57 ethnic groups in China and then we nationalise players you can not change the team quickly.  
We have come a long way, we had 30 or 50 players to choose from and now we have over 100 or so. The matches with the Philippines and Syria was not good also. I want to qualify for the World Cup, and the Olympics. 
We look to do lots but are these, right? Such as Military training and we don't allow tattoos. We then look at grass-roots coaches to do a good job in also improve youth training, this is a big project where need all the best people working for the same goal. 

It is clear people involved in football in China are desperate for success but the project is still a while away from being achieved.

Links with China and Japan 

Talking about the improvement of football the President of the Japan-China Friendship Football League, Pu Benbangmao, and Chairman Qi Wendao visited the Beijing Football Association. At the meeting, they looked at ways to improve football links between the countries. 

As 2020 is the year for the promotion of cultural and sports exchanges between China and Japan. The Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics will also be held in the next few years. 

In order to further strengthen the football exchanges between China and Japan, the two sides conducted in-depth communication and discussions. n the future, Beijing and Tokyo will conduct closer communication and cooperation mainly on youth football, and strive to jointly improve the football level in both countries. 

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