2023 Asian Cup host cities announced


The 2023 Asian Cup will take place in China, and today, the ten host cities where the teams competing at the finals were announced

China's east coast dominates host city selection

It comes as no surprise that the east of China has dominated when it came to the selection of host cities for the Asian Cup finals. This is where the powerhouse of the Chinese economy lies, and where they have a lot of the mega cities where people want to live and visit. So it is no wonder six out of ten cities are based along the coastline.

The following ten cities were selected to host games during the Asian Cup finals:


China to host a good Asian Cup 

Despite all kinds of political issue that is going on with China, and some own personal bias about the difficulties of supporting Taiwan if they surprise us all and manage to make it to the Asian Cup finals for the first time in donkeys years, I believe China will host a banging Asian Cup.

I believe it so much, that I have knocked the idea on the head about going to Qatar in favour of the Asian Cup in 2023 as long as there is nothing that pops up to stop me from going. China are still pumping the money into the sport despite the recent announcement that they will be putting a salary cap in place.

Another reason China will host an excellent Asian Cup, is because they want to show the world that they can host major international events. China will no doubt host one of the best Asian Cups in recent time, and I believe it will be better than the last one in the UAE, despite the personal difficulties of supporting a Taiwanese national side that isn't recognised there and where people might even be offended by chants of Taiwan! Taiwan. Either way, it's close, the visa issue makes getting there stupidly expensive, but the tournament will be one of the best Asian Cups for a long time in my opinion and one to not be missed!

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