Taiwan AFC U-19 championship qualifiers squad


Taiwan have named their AFC U-19 championship qualifying squad. The majority of the squad are Taiwan based, with 3 overseas players joining the squad. 

Taiwan's squad prepare with games in Malaysia

Taiwan have prepared for the AFC-U19 qualifiers with two warm-up matches in Malaysia against Mongolia and Singapore, but the results have not been published, so no one will know how those games went unless you were stood around watching.

Taiwan also held their own tournament for the team to prepare for this and invited Hong Kong, Gibraltar and Myanmar. Taiwan won that tournament but the experience will have been invaluable.

Taiwan is doing all they can, but they really need these players to come through and produce the goods, because the senior side is getting on, and are unlikely to be around forever.

Are the seniors are the only golden generation that Taiwan will see, or can these kids prove they have what it takes to take Taiwan to another level?

Three foreign-based players in the squad

Miguel Sandberg (8), Karl Josefsson (2) (both based in Sweden) and Adrian Harkness (15) (based in America) have been named in the squad as Taiwan seem to be unearthing more and more players eligible to play for Taiwan through their family heritage.

The local players looked good in the tournament hosted by the CTFA, with team captain, Ling Ming-Wei (7) looking brilliant in those matches. He is currently playing for New Taipei Municipal Qing Shui High School.

All of the Taiwan based players are playing for a high school, college or university and likely play their competitive football in the school league system, albeit a seemingly limited one.

Taiwan will play against Macau, Australia, and Laos, the games will take place in Kaohsiung. The schedule is as follows:

11.06 (三) - Wednesday
16:00 澳洲 v 寮國 - Australia vs Laos
19:00 中華 v 澳門 - Taiwan vs Macau
11.08 (五) - Friday
16:00 澳門 v 澳洲 - Macau vs Australia
19:00 寮國 v 中華 - Laos vs Taiwan
11.10 (日) - Sunday
16:00 澳門 v 寮國 - Macau vs Laos
19:00 澳洲 v 中華 - Australia vs Taiwan

The matches can be seen live on - CTFA.TV (all times are Taiwan time) 

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