Lippi can't be bothered to manage at the EAFF Championship


Marcello Lippi won't be in China's dugout grumpily barking out orders, because he just can't be bothered to do it. The news says that he would prefer to just stay in Italy during the tournament. 

Lippiless China to compete in EAFF

China will be Lippiless when they get their EAFF campaign underway next month, Lippi can't be bothered to manage at this tournament, and its a pointer to how much he cares about developing Chinese players, and football.

According to Lippi, this competition apparently isn't in his contract, so he won't manage. Instead, he will be sat in Italy chomping past, and pizza and guzzling wine. All based on the context that the EAFF Championship isn't inserted into his contract.

China themselves, however, aren't setting any kind of example by only sending the B team to play in the EAFF. The reason for this, however, could be because the tournament is played outside an official FIFA window and might make it difficult for China to call up their 'star' players. 

Lippi should be made to manage this tournament

Lippi should be told in no uncertain terms, you were hired to manage the Chinese national team, now do your job and manage the team. The fact Lippi is getting so much say in what he can and cannot do while he is in charge of China for his second stint shows how desperate the Chinese Football Association (CFA) are to have a world-renowned name in charge of the side.

I don't believe Lippi is the correct man for the job though, he wasn't right last time around and he still doesn't remain right this time around. Someone who refuses to work in a competition involving the national side he is supposed to be in charge of isn't that interested in developing Chinese football. China's second string would no doubt benefit from having Lippi manage them. That should be part of his remit, to help work together with the CFA to bring out more young players and develop them.

Lippi seems to have gone down the naturalisation route though, and it seems to have been a requirement for him to take the second stint in charge of the Chinese.

The short-termism fits well with Lippi's age though. Lippi is as old as the hills, and at 71, no doubt has no interest in developing a side. I can also understand to a point, at that age, he will want instant success. Therefore, when you consider his age, then it comes as no surprise that he went down the naturalisation route.

He should still be managing at the EAFF Championship though, and the fact he can just turn around and say, "I ain't got time for that!" Shows how much sway he has over the CFA and their decisions regarding the Chinese national side.

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