Korea fall to a draw in Lebanon

South Korea fell to a frustrating goalless draw in Beirut as a well organised Lebanon kept them out. Once again South Korea had the honour of playing in front of an empty stadium. As it seemed the best action for the game to take place behind closed doors during the political unrest in the country. 

Korea fail to score again 

Korea drew with Lebanon 0-0 in their fourth World Cup Qualifier at the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium in Lebanon, Beirut. This now means they have two wins and two draws with Lebanon and North Korea trailing them. 

The match saw Bento line up with a slightly defensive team in a 4-2-3-1 formation. This saw Hwang Ui-jo lead the line as the sole striker. Then with Son Heung-min, Nam Tae-Hee and Lee Jae-sung as the attacking three in support. 

This was a match which saw both sides give it a go but in truth, there was not a lot of quality at either end of the pitch. In the first half, Jae-sung came close for Korea while the hosts attempted to pounce on a Kim Min-jae error. 

In the end, it was to be a frustration match for Paulo Bento men as the side have now played 180 minutes away in North Korea and Lebanon without a goal to show for it. 

Here is what the Korean coach had to say on it, this has been translated so is not a direct quote; 

(On a lack of training in Beirut) There was no official training in Beirut, but on the grass, I think it was better not to train. It is an old excuse that the result was not good because of not training on the pitch. It is true that today's performance was not good. In particular, the second half was worse than expected and did we did not achieve the desired results.  
However, we still hold the top spot and have four more games next year. In 2020 we play three games at home and one game away. It is a favourable schedule but we still need to find improvement. 
(On the performance) The first half was better than the second half. In the first half, we made space on the side and tried to create space with a full-back for a 2:1 situation. Then in the second half, I had a hard time with the balance.  
(On fans' concerns) I understand that fans can't be satisfied with recent results. It is important that we continue to train hard and get back to our original form. We have to keep showing our good performance and get good results.  
You should also enjoy the fun of watching football. Although we have not scored in two consecutive matches, even when the game did not go well like today, it is positive that the players did not give up till the end. 
Personally, when I was in Greece (Olympiacos), I had a hard time leading the team to the top of the league. you do not know what will happen so you need to be prepared for anything. There is no worry about the next matches with North Korea or Lebanon. The games are next June, with Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan first in March. Those are the games to think about now. 

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