Keisuke Honda gets given lego set of himself


Keisuke Honda is currently in Hong Kong with his Cambodia side as the bottom two teams of Group C face each other again. Honda found there was a bit of a surprise for him when he arrived, and it wasn't tear gas. 

A Hong Kong Honda fan gives him Lego surprise 

A Hong Kong football fan has gone to great lengths to create a Lego selection of Keisuke Honda's with the shirt from each club he has played for. Amusingly he even has a different hairstyle in the Grampus Nagoya shirt.

The Lego collection must have taken some time to create and Honda seemed very happy with the gift.

Hong Kong face tricky game and their best chance of a win

Hong Kong got the shitty stick when they were drawn in a group with Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Cambodia. Looking at the draw, everyone and anyone paying attention to it knew that Cambodia would be Hong Kong's biggest chance of getting any wins in World Cup qualifying.

They have already played against Cambodia away, and only managed a draw, they were even lucky to get that, with Cambodia smashing a shot of the post. Hong Kong should be able to beat Cambodia at home, but a lot will depend on whether or not Mixu will let the players off the reigns a bit, instead of having them ultra defensive.

Cambodia should be defeated on Tuesday night, but the Cambodians can be a tricky outfit when they need to be and will cause Hong Kong some problems. One thing is for sure though, Cambodia won't sit back against Hong Kong and that could play into Mixu's hand. 

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