Japan release new kit, which is the same as the leaked kit


So Japan released a new kit today that has internet having a right old chinwag about it. Funnily enough, it is the same shirt, as the version that was leaked to Twitter which was denied as being legit in Japan. I have no clue if I love it or hate it. 

In the army now

Japan releases a camo effort onto the world. The blue mashup looks like it is has taken inspiration from the famous Japanese wave painting. The painting, which is called The Great Wave off Kanagawa, is synonymous with Japanese culture and is on pretty much a t-shirt, each season in Uniqlo.

Now Addidas have decided they want to get in on the wave bash and come out with this camo design. Originally, I was hating it, but the leaked image wasn't of the best quality, as they usually aren't. The official images though make it look more appealing.

One thing is certain though, I will be buying it regardless if I hate it close up or not because these kinds of designs turn out to become more iconic more often than not. And for that reason alone, I want on a hanger on my clothes rack.

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