Hong Kong add new merchandise to their online shop

Today the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) added some new items to their online store. However, if you wanted to use it, then it is in Chinese only. 


Training shirts, jackets and trackies added 

Out of the items added, unfortunately the replica kits were not one of the added items. HKFA decided to add their training gear to the shop. The orange training top looks a good colour, but in all honesty they just like the usual rubbish from big name kit providers.

Plain training top, Nike tick, and the jazzy Hong Kong badge, which is one of the best crests in Asia. Other items available on their office online store are, scarves, caps, tees, and oddly a rubik's cube and a Hong Kong replica match pendant.

Two items caught my eye 

Two items in the Hong Kong shop caught my eye. The first one, is the retro shirt that Hong Kong released for the World Cup qualifiers. Some people may think it's plain and dull, but I am a sucker for retro shirts, and I like the simplicity of it. Simplicity is the new over the top, who needs Nike's crap over hyped 2018 World Cup shirt. No need to follow the herd of sheep and claim something is the dogs bollocks if you don't think it is.

As that goes, I am not claiming that the retro Hong Kong shirt is the dogs bollocks, but I love everything about it. The packaging, the retro photo of the Hong Kong side in the the box, the buttons down the front and the dragon logo. Simplicity is the new over the top, but not the kind of simplicity Nike throw at you, the kind where some thought has went into adding subtle details like the dragon logo for example.

The other item that stood out, is the Fight for Hong Kong scarf. At this delicate time in Hong Kong's history, with things kicking off all over the city, a Fight for Hong Kong scarf could be either, just what the doctor ordered as you run about the city clashing with the police, or something you'd prefer to avoid because you'd rather try to not be tear gassed and bashed on the head.

Either way, it made me want to add a fight for Hong Kong scarf to my collection of footy stuff (call it what you will - collection, junk, memorabilia - different strokes for different folks and all that).

So if you have an interest in adding football items to a collection, then check out Hong Kong's shop. I am however unaware if they will accept international cards. It is worth a pop though. 

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