Taiwan's World Cup qualifying party rolls to the Jaber Al-Ahmad international stadium


Taiwan has currently played three World Cup Qualifying matches, all at home against Jordan, Nepal and Australia. Next, they will head off to their first away tie of qualifying when they will take on Kuwait in the Jaber Al-Ahmed international stadium.

Jaber Al-Ahmed international stadium looks to be a beauty

Taiwan is yet to win a World Cup qualifying match, but after two stuttering performances against Jordan and Nepal, the performance against Australia was superb. The team showed no fear and took the game to the more illustrious Aussie side when they had the chance to.

Next up, they'll be taking the epic journey from Taiwan to Kuwait in the Middle East to play in the 60,000 capacity, Jaber Al-Ahmed international stadium, which unsurprisingly makes Jabber the Hutt pop into my mind.

The stadium looks superb and was only opened in 2010. Sadly like most in Asia, it looks like a multi-purpose stadium and includes a running track, otherwise, it looks to be a beauty, unlike the slobbering-Princess Leah loving Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Hutt

Taiwan yet to win a World Cup qualifying group match, but someone is due a hiding

Taiwan needs to bring its Australia performance with them to Kuwait and leave its Nepal and Jordan ones at Taipei. If they perform in the Middle East like they did in the Australia game, Kuwait will be shocked, because I have a feeling that their fans (maybe the players too) might just look at the results, and the standings in the table and think that they will brush Taiwan aside, but they will be in for a fright if the players do think that.

With the emergence of Emilio Estevez, to complement the attacking duo of Will Donkin and Chen Hao-Wei, Taiwan is starting to develop attacking options and all three can make magic happen where it matters, in the opponent's side of the pitch. Taiwan will need these players to unlock the door if they are to come away with any points, ever in World Cup qualifying. Those points would be deserved for the Australia performance alone.

With the performances Taiwan has been putting in over the past two years, other than the odd blip here and there, someone is due an hiding and there is no reason why it can't be Kuwait, or Jordan (who Taiwan play shortly after Kuwait).

A mighty win is coming, as long as the squad keep up their performance levels. Someone is getting 'done'. 

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