Taiwan's women will play in the EAFF final round, after North Korea drop out

Photo: CTFA

News filtered out of South Korea tonight that the North Korean women's team will pull out of the EAFF Championship, and with the male team failing to qualify, getting knocked out by Hong Kong, this means that no North Korean sides will be in the competition. 

Taiwan's women's team to play EAFF final round

With news coming from South Korea, that the North had withdrawn from the EAFF final round, it was only logical that Taiwan would be offered the spot first. That is because they finished runners up in the second round, which had to take place in Guam because of China (most likely not willing to play in Taiwan).

Taiwan did well in that second round, only losing to eventual winners China. The final round could be a level too high for them, but the experience will be invaluable. Taiwan's women have been getting a lot of support from the Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) and hopefully, this can help them improve. It will be a great learning curve and an invaluable experience.

A great warm-up for Olympic qualifying

Taiwan is into the final round of Olympic qualifiers, and have come through two previous rounds to be there! The EAFF will take place in December, and before that Taiwan will play two friendlies, one at home to Thailand, and then away to Myanmar before they travel to South Korea.

Add in the three games in the final round of the EAFF and that is now five games to prepare for the final qualifying round of the Olympics. With only two teams from Asia qualifying for the Olympics, it is a long shot for Taiwan getting there, however, the CTFA is providing as much possible support as they can.

The women's national team is improving a lot, and if any of the top-tiered sides get sloppy, then Taiwan has a chance overtake them if things keep going the way they are.

Finished 4th at the Asian Games, finished 2nd, in the second round of EAFF qualifying behind World Cup qualifiers China, and qualified through two rounds of Olympic qualifying for being involved in the final round, add that to all the support for the women's game from Taiwan's FA then everything is headed in the right direction.

Here's to hoping they do well in the EAFF final round (at short notice compared to other sides) and also the Olympic qualifying. Everyone needs to remember success is relative and can be measured by the progress made, not only by qualifying for finals or winning trophies. Jia You! 

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