Taiwan win the CTFA U-19 invitational

Photo: CTFA

Taiwan have won the CTFA U-19 invitational contested between Taiwan, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Gibraltar. Each team played each other once in a round-robin format, with the team who ended up with the most points, the winner. 

Taiwan remain unbeaten, to win the tournament

Taiwan remained unbeaten in the CTFA U-19 invitational tournament to win the competition. Starting the campaign with a hard-fought 1-0 win against Myanmar, that set them up nicely for the last two matches.

However, Taiwan needed to come from behind to defeat Hong Kong and remain on course to go into the final round of matches still in with a chance of finishing the competition as the winners. 1 - 0 down with around 11 minutes left, Taiwan scored two goals to turn the match on its head.

That meant they knew all they needed to in the last match against Gibraltar was avoid defeat to end up as winners. They managed to do that, defeating the only Europeans taking part 3-2 in a well-contested match.

This meant that Taiwan went through the 3 games in the tournament unbeaten, to lift the trophy.

Best player of the tournament 

The best player of the tournament, without a doubt, was Gibraltars no. 9, Julian. He scored a hat-trick in Gibraltars 3-0 victory over Hong Kong, he scored they're only goal in their 2-1 defeat against Myanmar. And he was a man on a mission again, as he scored the only goal I saw against Taiwan. 

Not only did he score against Taiwan, he didn't bother to celebrate, instead he charged into the goal to retrieve the ball and charge back to the centre circle to plop it back on the spot. Clearly a team player, as well as a quality striker. One to watch for the future no doubt. 

It was good seeing Gibraltar take part in this, and would be nice in the future for the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association - Taiwan's FA) to attempt to build up more cooperation with FA's from other parts of the world to give their players more exposure to different playing styles. 

The final standings:

1. Taiwan (P 3 W 3 L 0 Pts 9)
2. Myanmar (P 3 W 2 L 1 Pts 6)
3. Gibraltar (P 3 W 1 L 2 Pts 3)
4. Hong Kong (P 3 W 0 L 3 Pts 0) 

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