North Korea refuse to broadcast the Korea Derby


Late tomorrow afternoon (local time), the Korean Derby will take place in Pyongyang for the first time in years, but there has been loads of buzz going around about how it isn't being broadcast.

Korean derby won't be broadcast

As with every other football association who asks if they can broadcast their game in Pyongyang, the KFA (Korean Football Association) who represent the southern part of Korea, otherwise known as the part of Korea who everyone normally refers to as "Korea", or the formal name of The Republic of Korea, we're told that they cannot broadcast the match.

The same as Lebanon was told, the same as Hong Kong were told. That being said, there was more riding on the Hong Kong match when they visited Pyongyang if we strictly look at the results and outcome. Obviously, this match between North and South Korea has more significance for a large chunk of the world, but that doesn't mean anything to the North who remain consistent in not allowing anyone, anywhere to broadcast the match live, if they're involved in the game themselves or not.

No South Korean fans, media, or tourists

There will be no South Korean media, fans, or even scheduled group tours while this game will take place. This is apparently against FIFA rules, but FIFA will do bollocks all about it.

FIFA rules state that:

The host association is responsible for ticketing and shall manage the ticketing operations in a manner that meets all applicable security and safety standards. It shall set aside an appropriate number – to be determined by mutual agreement and in writing – of complimentary and purchasable tickets for the visiting association. At least five representatives from the visiting association shall be seated in the VIP box. The visiting association shall inform the host association

And there are a whole host of other sections relating to rules regarding the media. There should be a section of the ground set aside for foreign media, with free wi-fi and sockets etc. North Korea however, don't give a monkey what the rules say. They will do as they bloody well please, so no media allowed.

The South Korean FA have said someone will be there on the fax machine, sending faxes back to the south for someone to then type updates from the game. That's correct, you heard it right...a FAX! Yes, the year is 2019.

The most widely anticipated match in Asian qualifiers is going to suffer from the North Korean blackout like every other association who has played a qualifier there and failed to the get permission from the North Koreans to show the game live.

One thing is certain though, regardless of how many people are annoyed about this, the  DPR Korea Football Association are more consistent with their rules regarding live broadcasting than FIFA ever will be with their own rules.

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