Kubo plays against parent club Real Madrid while on loan at Mallorca


In an odd arrangement, Real Madrid agreed to allow on loan Japanese sensation Takefusa Kubo play against them for his current club Mallorca. 

Kubo plays against parent side Madrid for Mallorca 

Japanese wonderkid, or teen sensation. Call him whatever you like, me I prefer to just say Kubo, anyway, little Kubo found himself in a peculiar situation last weekend as his parent side Real Madrid allowed him to play against them in a league fixture.

For his parent club Real Madrid it proved to a bad day as Kubo's Real Mallorca run out 1-0 winners of the Madrid superstars.

This kind of situation very rarely happens, as the parent club doesn't want the loan player to make a difference and give them a spanking, which would become a major embarrassment as fans would obviously ask why the hell was he allowed to play against us, and why the hell is he not in our team?

He wasn't named in the starting line-up, but he did get a spot to plop his arse on the bench and bide his time to show the big boys what they're missing out on by banishing him to Mallorca, a place where I've had many a wonderful party, but I don't think Kubo is there to get that kind of rock on.

In Kubo's own words, via my friend Google translate,

Even if not loaned from Real Madrid, it’s very important to play against them. You need to prove why you came to Mallorca instead of playing in Castilla (B Team)

So even if he is loaned from Real Madrid, he was out to prove why he has the right to be sent out on loan instead of being stuck in Castilla with the other kids desperate to take a break.

Mallorca defeat the big dogs 

Kubo came off the bench eventually but doesn't seem to have influenced the game so much, albeit I only managed to watch the highlights. His highlights reel showed him trying to skin players, and a load of passes to teammates who didn't read where the pass was headed.

His silky dribbling skills when running with the ball show that there is a talent in there waiting to burst out like the knights who say Ni in the Search for the Holy Grail and shout come on then, as he rips teams apart by himself, he was playing against Real Madrid though so one has to bear that in mind.

He is going to be a superstar eventually, especially in Japan. And once that happens, then he will be worth his weight in gold, one thing I still believe is he won't be the main player in Madrid's first team, I think they'll make a mighty profit from him in the end and be happy about it.

Either way, he is getting good education playing in Spain, and playing for Mallorca instead of Castilla B will be doing him the world of wonder. He can return back to his parent club saying, you think your big the dog's fellas? Well, you got done on the tiny island of Mallorca. 

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