Jordan and Kuwait draw - good news for Taiwan

Photo: Jordan FA

Jordan and Kuwait played out a 0-0 draw last night in there World Cup qualifying game, which took place in Amman. This result could prove to be a good one for Taiwan. 

A good result for Taiwan 

With Jordan and Kuwait facing each other in the last round of World Cup qualifiers, it had me puzzled thinking about what result would be the best for Taiwan's chances. I was in two minds whether it would be better for the game to end in a draw or a Kuwait win.

The reason I would have preferred a Kuwait win is that Taiwan still needs to play them home and away, whereas, Taiwan has already faced, and lost to Jordan at home.

That would mean Taiwan would have a chance of fighting their way back into contention for the second spot if they manage to win some away games, and that is the key part. If Taiwan fails to pick up any points away from home after two defeats in Taipei against Jordan and Nepal, everything else is insignificant.

When I woke up and saw the match ended up being a draw (I fell asleep at half time). I thought that isn't such a bad result either. The best thing is for them to take points off each other again when they play again in Kuwait.

Therefore it is not the result I was hoping for, but I believe it has still ended up being a good result for Taiwan.

Taiwan need away wins to turn it around

In order for Taiwan to turn things around, and capitalise on the draw between Jordan and Kuwait, they need to win games away from home. That means they must win in Nepal, and pick up at least a win and a draw in the Middle East against Jordan and Kuwait.

This has now become a monumental task for Taiwan, and most people likely think it is impossible, but I believe it is not impossible. I do agree that Taiwan have done themselves no favours by losing those two home matches, and they have made their job way more difficult than it needed to be. But, you have to remain optimistic even if it seems crazy.

Jordan and Kuwait are good sides, but they aren't elite level in Asia, and Taiwan should go there with no fear, knowing they have nothing to lose, as no one will expect them to come away from those games with any positive results.

In fact, a lot of matches left for Taiwan should be considered 'free hit' games, because no one will expect them to pick up any points from the games in the Middle East, and home and away to Australia.

If somehow Taiwan do manage to pick the points away from home to finish second in the group, then there would be a big chance that this group would become one of those ones where the second-placed side doesn't have enough points to make it to the next round, because of sides taking points of each other, which would be a nightmare scenario.

Before even thinking about that, Taiwan needs to do the impossible and win more games away, than they have ever done before in any qualifying campaign. 

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