Fair play to the EAFF for showing Taiwan's real flag


Taiwan's women are officially into the final round of the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) Championships, which take place in Busan, South Korea. When looking at the fixtures, on the EAFF Website, I realised that they have a giant pair of man-sacks.

EAFF display Taiwan's flag

The EAFF has put Taiwan's flag on their website for the fixtures in the up-and-coming EAFF Final round, in Busan, South Korea. The tournament will commence on 10th December, and this is the main competition for East Asian nations to participate in.

The format starts with a first-round, where the lowest-ranked sides enter, then a second round, and then a final round. It is actually one of the more difficult competitions for smaller sides to get through to the final round, with only one spot available for progression during the first and second-round group stage.

Normally, Taiwan has to enter international competitions under the made-up Chinese Taipei Olympic flag, which makes a lot of news outlets come out with ridiculous comments such as, "they'll be rocking in the whole of Chinese Taipei after that goal, or back in Taipei they'll be happy tonight".

As if only Taipei are happy about Taiwan winning. So, I, therefore, dip my hat to whomever the person is at the EAFF office who decided to use Taiwan's real flag instead of the awful Olympic monstrosity. Hats off to you indeed good sir or madam.

If I had the mooooooolah, I'd give this beauty an outing

If I had the money, then I would be heading to Korea for these matches, as things stand I am going to be stuck in the office without even having a way to watch the games, because my boss is a Gestappo-level spy, and if I even take a glance at the score, then I'll be back in the bad books.

Taiwan's women are likely the weakest in the group, but it's a good experience for them, especially before the Olympic qualifiers coming up. Hopefully, they can give a good account of themselves and do Taiwan proud.

It won't come as a surprise to me if a lot of Hong Kong and Taiwan flags are out in force in Korea, plus other flags that will irk the Chinese.

It will be interesting to see how they cope because I have always wondered what would happen if someone had Tibet flags at the World Cup or something at a China match? Would they try a walkout like they did in Germany or is it too high profile?

Because of the kick off times, the only EAFF matches I will have any chance of seeing live are on the weekend or the evenings.

This is a good little tournament, and it is good it gets spread around most of the countries involved quite a bit between the different rounds. Long may the EAFF keep doing that.

When the big moooooooooolah comes, we will go to as many competitions as we can. 

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