Emilio Estevez Tsai called up to Taiwan's squad for the first time

Photo: CTFA

Emilio Estevez Tsai has been called up into Taiwan's senior squad for the first time and is included alongside all the regular suspects. 

Who is Emilio Estevez?

Emilio Estevez is a Canadian professional soccer player, playing for York9 if you were to only read Wiki, we assume they mean a professional player, playing in Canada because Estevez has quite the options when it comes to picking an international team to play for.

If he does get onto the field for Taiwan against Australia, those options will be firmly slammed shut and he will be resigned to representing Taiwan for the rest of his career which would be superb for Taiwan, for two reasons, one, because he is still young, and two because he has the chance to turn into a decent player by playing in a professional league.

However, he is actually eligible to represent Canada, Taiwan or Spain at an international level because of his parents and place of birth. His father is Spanish, his mother is Taiwanese and he was born in Canada to sum all that up.

Taiwan manager, Louis Lancaster has been quite positive about Estevez and has said he is one of a few players he knows about who is playing for the youth teams that he is excited about.

Whatever the outcome of tomorrows qualifier against Australia I would get this kid on the pitch and tie him down to Taiwan, because he may not have a realistic chance of playing for Spain unless he suddenly becomes a worldie, but there is a chance of him representing Canada, and Taiwan need to get as many young players tied down as possible.

A stat pointed out by the wonderful blog Shoot Like Odil who wrote about Taiwan - the team is ageing and need fresh talent coming through because there has been a generation gap. So get this lad tied down tomorrow and continue to tie them down.

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