Emilio Estevez’s excellent Taiwan debut


Emilio Estevez made his national team debut for Taiwan earlier this week in the World Cup qualifying tie against Australia. Taiwan lost the game 7-1, but there were many positives to take from the match. Estevez's debut, and no fear in attacking, and gliding past Australia's defence was a major positive in what turned out to be an amazing debut by the youngster.

Estevez's exciting debut 

York 9's Emilio Estevez made his Taiwan debut against Australia in World Cup qualifying, and put in a wonderful performance, showing no fear of his more illustrious opponents. Starting the game on the left-wing of Taiwan's five-man midfield, each time the ball went out to him, he was willing to take Australia's defence on by running at them.

Oozing with confidence, Estevez showed this by not being afraid to use mad skills and dribbling ability to sometimes glide past the Aussie defence, those few times Taiwan tried to break out and attack the ball was either thrown wide left or wide right. When it found the feet of Estevez he was off like a shot down the wing trying to make something happen. It didn't work out every time he had the ball, and he was stopped at times by the Aussie defence, but those times he did manage to glide past a few defenders showed that he came into the game holding no fear, despite coming against opponents who play at top level leagues all around the world.

Estevez a part of Taiwan's young and exciting attacking trio

Estevez could eventually form one part of what could become a very exciting attacking trio. Emilio Estevez (21), Will Donkin (18) and Miguel Sandberg (17) having the possibility of forming an exhilarating attack for Taiwan for years to come.

All three players have managed to play youth team football in countries where they are exposed to elite coaching, and competition from a very young age, especially as they have been involved with professional clubs.

Will Donkin played with Chelsea and Crystal Palace at youth level and just transferred to Stabaek in Norway, Estevez has had a good footballing background before being picked up by York 9 for the inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League and Miguel Sandberg grew up in the youth teams in Swedish side Djurgarden.

After one game, Estevez looked to be the most rounded player of the three so far, with Donkin not far behind him, the hope is that he can start getting first-team football in Norway which will advance his career much faster than youth Team. Sandberg being the youngest of the three still doesn't have a senior cap, but if he keeps performing well at youth level, a senior call up can't be far off.

Estevez looked great against Australia, a player in a similar mould to Will Donkin, it's going to be brilliant seeing them starting in the same team together eventually. The future could be bright for Taiwan, or at the very least, exciting with these talents coming through. 

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