Club World Cup 2021 to be in China

The Club World Cup is expanding and heading to China in 2021, the previous tournament had before been for champions of each continent. This will all change with the competition beginning in 2021 with 24 sides taking part over the six football federations. 

More than a gimmick 

The Club World Cup as always been a bit of a gimmick and an afterthought for sides taking part. The competition usually took place in the winter in the middle of a busy season for European sides at least.

These European sides qualified for the competition through winning the Champions League and in recent years we have seen Real Madrid win the title in four of the last five seasons. In fact, since beginning in 2000 Barcelona or Real Madrid have won it seven out of the 15 times.

Despite this when you visit these big grounds and look at their trophy cabinet am sure the Club World Cup will not be at the front. It is because this has never been a big tournament but this is something FIFA is looking to change with a new Club World Cup beginning in 2021. 

China hosting a good idea? 

If aforementioned will be a success or not I guess time will tell but this is a great chance for China to show the footballing world how they can host a large football competition.

Although previously Europeans sides have said they do not like the plan for the Club World Cup, so FIFA will need to get them on board before this can claim to be an international tournament for audiences worldwide.

The FIFA president Gianni Infantino is at least claiming to be excited by the prospect of this money-spinning idea, this was seen as he said; "The new [tournament] will be a competition anyone who loves football is looking forward to".

Football's world body as in recent times shown little concern for the political state of a country when allowing them to host football matches or tournaments. This was seen as they allowed Qatar to host a World Cup.

They have since shown some improvements as they pushed Iran to allow females to attend matches in a small gesture that show they may have morals after all.

These morals will be tested once again however as they allow China to host such a big event. As China is a country with many questions needing to be asked on how it runs.

As this decision as already had Human rights group Amnesty saying that FIFA must "use its considerable influence to push for human rights improvements". Putting all these points to the side for one moment though and if this was to be a sucess it could really push the game in Asia onto the global stage. 

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