April 25 SC make final of AFC Cup


April 25 has finally managed to go one step further than they ever have before and make it to the final of the AFC Cup. They did this by defeating Vietnamese side Hanoi FC on away goals after a tense two-legged affair.

Pyongyang remains a fortress 

April 25 away form is not one to write home about but this time around they had their away tie to thank for helping them get to the final. As those two away goals in Hanoi made the difference.

Hanoi have been one of the best sides in this year's AFC Cup, but they couldn't get it done in Pyongyang on a cold and windy Tuesday night. The game ended 0-0 which meant that the North Koreans have remained unbeaten at home during the whole competition.

With only one game left, that being the final, if they can remain unbeaten at home then the chances are high that they might actually run out winners for a change. Instead of normally being dumped out in the semi-final or quarters.

April 25 to play Lebanon's Al-Ahed in the final

The knockout rounds at the AFC Cup are played over two legs like many continental competitions around the world. Unlike the Asian Champions League though the final is played over one-leg and this year that will be the 2nd November.

The one-legged final will take place in Pyongyang and the hope is that despite North Koreas tight media control there is a way for this match to be televised.

With April 25 in the final at home, they have a very good chance and I hope they do for two reasons. The first one is basically I would like to see an East Asian side win it, as April 25 are the only side from East Asia who ever have a chance to do so, it makes the chance of East Asia succeeding as champions pretty slim.

The second reason I hope they win this, is I believe that due to North Korea's coefficient, April 25 have a slim chance of being promoted to try and qualify for the Asian Champions League. I would love to see a North Korean side qualify for the Asian Champions league to see all the issues it would throw up.

For example, when Fujen University played there, they couldn't take their foreign players with them because of issues with the visa. The problem for Fujen University though is their foreign players are the best players in their squad. So it came as no shock to anyone that they got annihilated. 

So I want to see if April 25 qualify for the Asian Champions League, would these issues still persist? And I also want to see an East Asian side lift the AFC Cup because we only have one shot at doing it, unlike the Asian Champions League format. 

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