AFC Cup final moved for a second time, to Malaysia


The AFC cup final was due to take place on the 2nd November between North Korea's April 25 SC and Lebanon's Al-Ahed. The game was scheduled to take place in Pyongyang, and since then has been moved twice, to Shanghai, and now Kuala Lumpur

AFC Cup final moved again, no reason given

The AFC Cup final was correctly moved out of Pyongyang, and it was annoying that it was only moved after the high profile nonsense that took place in the Korean derby played in Pyongyang for the first time in years.

Without the Korean derby, I have no doubt in my mind that this game would still have taken place in Pyongyang despite it not being shown live. According to FIFA rules, broadcasters are supposedly allowed to show live matches, among other things, but North Korea is always flouting this rule. Which they did again in the Korean derby.

It came as no surprise to anyone that a few days after the Korean derby in the world cup qualifying match, that the AFC decided the AFC Cup should take place somewhere else. This decision was applauded for a whole host of obvious reasons.

It would actually be impossible to list them all, due to their being a 10 ft pole length of reasons not to host such a game in Pyongyang. Since the AFC were applauded for the correct decision, the final has now been turned into a shambles. No reason has been given for it being moved a second time.

Off to Shanghai...nope, Kuala Lumpur 

The AFC Cup final was moved from Pyongyang to Shanghai earlier in the week. Now the AFC have announced that released a statement stating that the match will actually take place in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur instead.

The match will take place on the 4th November (it's odd having a final on a Monday night) and will take place at the  Kuala Lumpur Stadium which Wiki points out very kindly that it should not be confused with the national stadium. The stadium capacity is 18,000 but it will be nowhere near full. It will be lucky to have 5,000 people there.

The fact that it has been moved so much at the last minute shows a shocking level of organisation on behalf of the AFC. Whoever decided the final should take place in Pyongyang in the first place is a bit of a moron, because clearly there are going to be issues about playing an intercontinental final in North Korea.

Whoever couldn't see this from day one of the competition needs to be given a stern chat about doing their job better than they have.

The match is quite intriguing, and as it is now a Monday night match, it is going to be awkward for folk to watch it live. Difficult to act in the interest of promoting football in Asia if you're this shambolic. The AFC needs to wake up and start doing better! 

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