Taiwan's youngsters finish on a high at the AFC U-16 qualifiers

Photo: CTFA

Taiwan's U-16's have had two tough results to take, but have managed to seemingly remain  upbeat. They lost their first game 10-0 to South Korea and their second game to Thailand 6-0. Conceding a mega 16 goals and scoring none going into their final match. 

Taiwan's youngsters didn't let their heads drop

Taiwan's youngsters could have let the results discourage them from thinking they could win a game at these qualifiers, after two heavy thumping's at the hands of South Korea and Thailand.

They went into the last game with Myanmar having nothing to play for, as they had no chance of qualifying for the finals. However, they didn't let the bad results bring them down, and defeated Myanmar 2-0 in their final match.

This should at least go some way to putting confidence back into these youngsters, and the hope has to be that the previous results don't discourage them from playing football.

Taiwan need to create a youth league. Until that happens, the results of the youth sides won't improve and, the massive hidings will continue, especially when they face countries with a good national youth setup. There is a lot of work to be done in the name of developing football, that is for sure, but creating a youth league system is fundamental to the success of football within a country and it should be flagged as a high priority by the CTFA, if it hasn't already been.

The youth leagues act as a funnel to the Taiwanese league, and the Taiwanese league is a funnel into the national side. At some point, the national team's progress will transcend into rapid decline unless there is some structured youth setup. With the youngsters having the chance to play competitive games in a league system regularly. We can only hope that the CTFA are aware of a need for this. 

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