Taiwan's U16 set off for AFC U-16 Championship qualifiers

Photo: CTFA

Taiwan's U16's have set off for their AFC qualifiers which will be played in Myanmar. As they have been drawn against regional-powerhouse South Korea, Myanmar and Thailand. 

Good experience for Taiwan's youngsters

The youngsters heading to Myanmar will get valuable experience in tournament football as they take on hosts Myanmar, South Korea and Thailand and in all honesty, the likelihood that they will make the next round is slim.

However, making the next round is not the key pointer to success, what is vitally important is that Taiwan's teams at all levels continue to get competitive tournament football which gives them the chance to experience tournament football.

While they will also see the level of other teams, as the youngsters then have something to aspire to, this will in turn help them develop as footballers. The list is endless, and I could sit here all night and talk about all the positives that can be taken from participating in these competitions despite the outcome.

This is about development, not the final result. After watching Keisuke Honda pump out his message to Cambodia on Twitter today, I can only hope that the Taiwan coaches are hammering home the same message to Taiwan's young players.

For those who didn't see it. Honda said something along these lines of I do not care if you make mistakes because you're trying to be positive and play football the right way. I am proud of you trying to do these things, and you should be proud too. This is how we improve.

What he basically meant was destroying someone for making a mistake or two because he has tried to take the game to the opponent isn't the best way of going about your business. I want this same message hammered into Taiwan's kids.

No matter the result, play football the right way, attempt to have a go at teams, and attempt to be positive throughout the game then everyone can be proud regardless of the result. This goes for fans too, if they see this they will be happy with you.

I never thought Honda would be a managerial shining light but he is turning out to be one with all his positivity. So regardless of results, Taiwan's kids should heed the message spread to Honda's legion of Twitter fans. Be positive, attack! and don't be afraid to make mistakes. On top of that, enjoy the experience.

Game schedule

September 18th - 16:30 - Taiwan vs South Korea
September 20th - 16:30 - Taiwan vs Thailand 
September 22nd - 19:30 - Taiwan vs Myanmar 

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