Taiwan Under 19 tournament


Taiwan will host a U19 tournament at the end of this month (September) further evidence that the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) are serious about pushing football programs for all. As their drive for football in the country is shown throughout age groups, genders and abilities for the first time.

Taiwan host U19 tournament

Taiwan will host a four-team invitational tournament in Kaohsiung, with the matches taking place at the World Games Stadium from September 28th to 1st of October. The teams involved are; Taiwan (hosts), Hong Kong, Myanmar and Gibraltar.

This is a part of the CTFA's push to develop football across all age levels, genders and abilities in Taiwan. This is the best association Taiwan has ever had leading them, this doesn't mean that they are perfect, but what it does mean is they are trying to push football in the right direction.

This U19 tournament is another sign of that because it shows that the association is not just focusing on the senior team, or futsal as they've done in the past but they are keen to develop every aspect of the game.

It is no surprise to see Hong Kong involved as Taiwan and Hong Kong footballing associations have built up a solid rapport over the years. Taiwan has also slowly built that up a relationship too with Myanmar recently.

Inviting them to their CTFA Tournament in Taipei a few years back, the away friendly for Lancasters' first game in charge of Taiwan and now the invite to this invitational. Gibraltar's name being added to the list is a new and surprising team thrown into the mix.

As on the plus side, it shows the country is trying to get competition from other confederations outside of Asia which is brilliant for the players to experience different styles of play.

Gibraltar may be classed as a very low-ranked UEFA side, but when it comes to Asia there is plenty of teams they will still prove to be very competitive against, so I feel like they are a good team to invite. You don't want to do a China and invite teams that will just give you an absolute pumping and deflate morale.

Therefore, Gibraltar can be described as interesting, refreshing, surprising and a whole host of other adjectives and the whole lot of them will likely be applicable.

So the CTFA get another big thumbs up from us for organising this competition, plus an extra Brucey Forsyth bonus for inviting a European team, even if it is one from a very large rock attached to Spain.

The schedule is as follows 

09/28 - 16:00 - Gibraltar vs Hong Kong 
09/28 - 19:00 - Taiwan vs Myanmar 

09/30 - 16:00 - Myanmar vs Gibraltar
09/30 - 19:00 - Taiwan vs Hong Kong 

10/01 - 16:00 - Hong Kong vs Myanmar 
10/01 - 19:00 - Taiwan vs Gibraltar 

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