Taiwan and Gibraltar win on the first day of the CTFA-U19 tournament

Photo: CTFA

The CTFA U-19 tournament got underway in Kaohsiung, Taiwan yesterday. The first round of matches saw Gibraltar vs Hong Kong open the competition followed by Taiwan vs Myanmar. 

Gibraltar vs Hong Kong

European side Gibraltar was a surprising sight competing in the CTFA invitational in Kaohsiung, but they are a brilliant addition to this mini-tournament. Yes, they are a tiny nation by European standards, but it is good to create links with football associations from different confederations around the world, and smaller Asian football nations don't get enough practice at playing against opposition from other parts of the world.

Other than, Gibraltar will be a very tough opponent for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Myanmar. As things turned out, this happened to be the case for Hong Kong, as Gibraltar raced into a 2-0 lead.

Hong Kong did manage to fight back and make it 2-2, but Gibraltar scored a 3rd to make sure they would win the game 3-2.

Gibraltar's number 9 Julian was the man of the moment, scoring a hat trick, and looking lethal in front of goal. Hong Kong's defence couldn't cope with him.

Taiwan vs Myanmar 

Taiwan opened its CTFA tournament with a match against South East Asians, Myanmar. In a tight match between the sides, Lin Ming-wei's header proved decisive as Taiwan won the match 1-0. Taiwan lined up in a 442 formation.

Taiwan had the two players from Sweden in their lineup too, Miguel Sandberg and Karl Josefsson. Hopefully, they will progress into the full senior squad before too long. Thus, tying them down to play for Taiwan, in case they develop to become great players and then get snapped up by Sweden.

The next matches will be:

09-30 - Myanmar vs Gibraltar
             Taiwan vs Hong Kong 

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