North and South Korea discuss Pyongyang fixture


North and South Korea were drawn together in World Cup qualifying, and it's an open secret now, that the North want to host their home fixture in Pyongyang. According to the Korea Herald discussions are taking place about this fixture with the help of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation).

South discussing with the North

The KFA (South Korean Football Association) are discussing with The DPR Korea Football Association regarding their World Cup fixture. Apparently the discussions are focused on the players and broadcasting.

If the KFA do negotiate for the game to broadcast from Pyongyang, they could possibly be one of the first football associations who have been successful with this request. We are sure we account for a lot of people when we say we want this request to be accepted as they're will be a lot of interest  in watching this game if it does take place in Pyongyang from around the world.

Pyongyang will host the game

I believe that Pyongyang will host this match. In 2010 World Cup qualifying, North and South Korea drew each other but North Korea couldn't host their matches at home. Their home games were played at a neutral venue in China.

North Korea vs South Korea will be played on October 15th, meaning the AFC will have to make a decision soon about where this match will be played. Pyongyang will be the answer, it's a guess, but if it is right (let's be honest there's only two options) then you heard it here first! 

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