Hiddink sacked for poor preparation - the wrong choice for China

Guus Hiddink was hired as China U-23 manager in September 2018, but has recently been sacked due to "ineffective preparation of the team". Former Women's manager Hao Wei has taken charge of the team with immediate effect. 

Too much time in Holland

According to reports in Chinese media, the reason for Hiddink's sacking, "ineffective preparation of the team" was code for, 'Big Guus spends too much time in Holland, instead of China!" It was also noted that Big Guus didn't trouble himself too much with making an effort watching  Chinese League football. Which, according to the Chinese media have led to some pretty mental team selections.

The final straw seems to have been a 2-0 defeat to Vietnam, where one of Hiddink's own prodigies Park Hang-seo was in charge. Apparently, he has the nickname Korean Hiddink, but this gets me thinking it is a made-up nickname, like every bloody player under the sun is such and such Messi. I doubt anyone calls Park Korean Hiddink and if they really do then I apologise in advance.

So a fellow member of his coaching staff put the boot into Hiddink, not that Hiddink will give monkeys, because he is a stubborn old bugger and comes across as the kind of bloke who doesn't care a less if people like him or not. Hiddink 1, China 0 as he laughs himself all the way to the bank, happy with his final fat payday.

China picked the wrong bloke

If China wants to truly do well on the international stage, then they need to do two things. The first one is to stop wanting instant success, and the second is, stop being fascinated by world-renowned names. 

I have nothing against Guus Hiddink going there for a big payday, I also don't get these people who say, "you only bloody went to China for the money!" Of course, they have all went for the money, but some people can still be professional about going somewhere they never really wanted to, and do a good job and some cannot. Then there are the others who just couldn't care either way.

Hiddink is definitely in the bracket that thinks, I'll do what I do, and what I have always done and they will like it or lump it. That is what I think about Hiddink anyway, I thought that about him at Manchester United too, so it isn't just a China thing.

At the end of the day, China needs to pay the big salaries otherwise people would have no interest in going there at all, and everyone knows this. That is why they try to shame people about going there for big money, so they can try to persuade them to go them instead.

Also for big money, just not as big as what was on the table from China. Fair play to Guus, honestly you would be an absolute mug for not taking a mega-contract especially close to your retirement because it will set you, and all your family up for life. That is if your willing to help your family.

Therefore as I see it, China has picked the wrong guy for the job. They have picked a big name, who is stuck in his ways and couldn't give two hoots if China is happy with his methods or not. I am not sure if he is quite in the Tevez mould mind.

So if China wants to start improving they need to pick a manager who hasn't had much of a chance elsewhere, but maybe has a brilliant reputation as a coach or an assistant. Someone with the ambition to do well in the game, like Qatar's manager Felix Sanchez who has done a wonderful job with the Qataris. I believe a manager like this would do well in China, the other condition would be that the Chinese Football Association (CFA) have to stop meddling in all of Chinese football's affairs.

Hire a manager, with the view of developing the youth team instead of Lippi's idea of naturalization, and then give him enough time and enough freedom to do his job, and then sit back and reap the benefits. If you hire a world-famous name and give him a bucket load of cash, it is likely they'll do what has made them successful, and they're likely not going to be too bothered if they risk getting sacked. That is because they're near the end of their very successful career, so they feel like they have nothing left to prove.

If China keeps going for big names, this will keep happening over and over. Let's see if they have learnt their lesson or not.

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