Fans of other countries throw their toys out the pram about China


The whole world knows already about China calling up Elkeson to their national side, and fans of other countries have been throwing their toys out the pram about it.

It's cheating, blah blah blah

I've seen plenty of posts online about how China are cheating by calling up Elkeson. However, according to Fifa rules, no rules have been broken, and China are well within their rights to call up Elkeson if they decide to.

The reason for this is because Elkeson has played for 5 consecutive years in the Chinese Super League, while at the same time winning no senior caps for Brazil. So according to Fifa rules, he is eligible to play for China through naturalisation.

Plenty of other countries have went down this route before, but it is something that is fairly new to Asian nations. There aren't many countries who have offered naturalisation to players in order to have them represent their country. Also a lot of Asian countries are extremely patriotic and don't believe imported players should be playing for a country that has a population of over 1 billion people. 

Every country does this, but people fear China

People are banging on about China being cheats because they are worried, they're worried that China may call up 5 to 6 foreign players or even more than that. If that happens then these countries are worried that China will usurp someone else from their spot in the World Cup.

In my opinion, China have a long way to go before they start threatening Asia's best. The likes of Iran, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc. Need not be worried that China are calling up Brazilians. The first reason they shouldn't be worried is because I believe these foreign players won't be able to raise the overall level of China sufficiently enough to overtake one of Asia's big dogs, and the second reason they shouldn't be worried is because this is short-termism from China. The naturalised players are edging towards the end of their careers, and if China don't bring through some good youth players to replace them then employing foreign 'aid' as it has been termed in Chinese won't help any kind of long term plan. 

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