Torres goes out with a banging send off


Fernando Torres has had a wonderful career, and everyone knows all there is about his time at Liverpool, but his time playing for Sagan Tosu will likely be best forgotten.

Torres plays the final game of his career

Friday, 23rd August 2019, the last time Fernando Torres ever laced up his boots to play professional football. Sagan Tosu's Ekimae Stadium was the unlikely destination for this event, the reason I say unlikely, is that when Torres was banging in goals left, right and centre for Liverpool, no one would have ever expected that the final match of his glittering career would have been played out in Japan, for a team battling against relegation.

That is how it transpired, and Torres trotted out onto the field one last time, surely he would want to go out with a bang. The stadium was full, the special kits looked OK enough, but not great, and the opposition was beatable.

Vissel were the team who were rocking into town for Torres' last match, themselves hovering just above relegation firmly on the basis that teams below them couldn't string a win together between. Recently though Vissel has had a recent upturn in fortune by picking up a couple of good results, but if you want any team rocking up for your final game in professional football you would be picking a team threatened by relegation too.

It turned out to be a disaster on the pitch, as Vissel Kobe took Tosu apart, it didn't take long before they raced into a 2-0 lead, with that fella Iniesta who is Torres' mate showing no mercy by slotting home a penalty, then after that, the goals kept on flowing. Tosu were swept away by Vissel who give them a 6-1 hammering.

Torres' send-off looked to be a banging night, but Tosu also got banged 6-1 and that does nothing for their survival hopes, Torres retiring may help though as he is clearly a shadow of the player he once was.

A good send-off, a terrible result but not many people outside of Japan or Asian footballing circles will read too much into that and will remember Torres' mainly for his time at Liverpool. One of these footballing generations great players have called it a day, and some might say he has bottled out of sticking it out for the relegation scrap. All in all, his time in Japan was a non-event and he hasn't done anything of note there, he's barely even scored. However, in the role-reversal of 'they've only signed an Asian player for marketing reasons' this same sentence could be trotted out for a past it Torres'. 

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