The battle of the islands - Guam vs Maldives


Guam will face the Maldives in their opening World Cup clash that has been termed the battle of the islands. Both countries are small island nations, and both countries will believe they have a good chance of winning. 

Guam face Maldives in opening qualifier

Guam are getting ready to face Maldives in their opening World Cup qualifier which will take place in the Guam Football Association. Both teams will fancy their chances in this group, especially if they can win this match because the other teams in the group are China, Syria and the Philippines.

Guam or the Maldives could easily surprise the Philippines, and maybe even Syria or China (it is more unlikely) but this is a chance for both countries to start qualifying with some momentum.

Guam came through first-round qualifying by defeating Bhutan 5-1 over two legs, but Maldives didn't need to as they were ranked just high enough to go straight into the second round. Guam have been posting different information since the draw called 'know your opponent'. If you put a ruler on a map, it may even be possible to draw a line through the ocean from one island to the other, but I don't have a map to get out and give it a try.

I predict it will be a tight game between these two sides, unlike against Bhutan where the conditions were polar opposites, both sides should be used to the other's climate. The battle of the islands is intriguing and really do hope someone like MyCujoo will show this match live and if they do we will let you know. 

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