Taiwan vs Jordan, venue and kick off time announced - we're all in this together

Photo: CTFA
Taiwan has announced the venue and kick-off time for their first World Cup Qualifying match against Jordan. Taiwan often rotates matches between the north and the south of the country by using the 20,000 capacity, Taipei Municipal Stadium in the north, and the 55,000 capacity, Kaohsiung, World Games stadium in the south. 

Taipei Municipal Stadium announced as the venue for Jordan game

The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) made another good decision today; something which is becoming a habit recently, by announcing Taipei Municipal Stadium as the venue for their first game of 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying.

It's a good decision because, even though the World Games Stadium is an architectural masterpiece, and includes the biggest solar-powered roof of any world stadium. The fact it still remains a white-elephant stadium and is too big for Taiwanese football can't be ignored. 

So, what that means in practice, is when teams rock up in Kaohsiung for a game, there isn't any atmosphere created due to the stadium being vastly under capacity causing a tinny like effect by having 5,000 fans in a 55,000 capacity stadium which includes one open-ended grass area behind the goal with Kaohsiung wrote across it. 

Added to that fact is that Jordan most possibly will not be a big draw for Taiwanese fans, as it's not a nation that shares close proximity with Taiwan, therefore they are something of an unknown.

Which indicates the preference of Taipei's stadium over Kaohsiung's should be beneficial in helping Taiwan during the game, because having 10,000 to 20,000 fans in the ground is better in a smaller stadium than an oversized, vanity-project stadium, even if that stadium is bloody superb.

Join the Taiwan Ultras, shout and scream Taiwan to victory

If you fancy coming to the game and getting involved with the Taiwan Ultras, shouting and screaming Taiwan to victory, then we will be located at the stand behind the goal on Bade Road, in block 4. Feel welcome to come and join the merry rabble as it would be good to swell the ranks for the World Cup matches. 

With football growing in Taiwan, the World Cup is an ideal time to create some fan culture around the national team, and the Taiwan Ultras are an extremely accommodating, friendly bunch. So if you go to the game, and feel you want to get involved just do it, if you prefer just sitting and watching then do it. Whichever way you choose to support Taiwan, we are in all in the fight together, because even if the World Cup is an unrealistic goal, the 2023 Asian Cup is not. 

Taiwan are instructively more like a club side than a national team, and with Louis Lancaster building a mentality of togetherness in the squad that is seldom seen in national sides, but is so beneficial in helping club teams achieve success; then this can only help Taiwan's chances of succeeding in these qualifying fixtures. The Taiwan Ultras, engender a bond, and togetherness on the stands and should take a lead out of Lancaster's book in actively making other people aware that they're welcome to come along to join them, which would go a long way for the creation of fan culture.  

Together, the team and the supporters in Taiwan are connected, because we're just like that small, lower league club who no one expects anything from, but as Bob Dylan chimed, "Times they are a-changing" and together we win, lose, or draw, but whatever happens, this time Taiwan knows everyone is pulling in the same direction and fighting for the same cause and that in itself is a major victory, before a ball has even been kicked.

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