Taiwan confirm Australia match will be hosted in Kaohsiung


Taiwan drew Australia in World Cup qualifying, and the long wait is now over to find out where Taiwan will host the game.

Kaohsiung World Games stadium selected

The excruciating wait is now over, with Taiwan's football association, the CTFA deciding to host the game against Australia in Kaohsiung. From a personal view, it is bad for me because I have to lose time from work, and pay for the high speed instead of going two stops on the MRT. On the other hand, I understand the CTFA's decision in playing games in the North and South of the country.

As one of my major complaints about England is that all their games are always in London, therefore I believe it is a good thing that Taiwan is willing to alternate between stadiums and give fans in the south a chance to see the game, even if it does cause some bother for me in trying to get there.

I don't think the stadium will be full

I don't think the stadium will be full. Not because interest is not growing, but because the stadium capacity is too big, even with the draw putting Taiwan against the Socceroos, I still don't believe the Australians will be a big enough pull to fill a 55k stadium. The only Asian country that I believe could come close to filling Kaohsiung World Games stadium would be Japan.

Another reason the stadium won't be full is that ordering tickets is a complete head wrecker! You need to sign up to tixCraft in order to buy them, and to sign up you need to use your phone number to activate your account. Some people may not want to sign up with their phone number because they will get loads of spam sent to them, or younger people may not have a phone (I know it's rare now). Having 10 rules for buying a ticket seems insane to me, although having the limit on the number of tickets per person is the correct thing to do.

I have no clue why it is always so complicated buying match tickets to watch Taiwan, why can you not just get them through the machines in Seven Eleven or Family Mart similar to most other events in Taiwan.

For anyone interested in going to the game, here is the information you need:

Taiwan vs Australia World Cup Qualifier:

Venue: Kaohsiung World Games stadium.
Kick-off time: 19:40
Date: October 15th
Price: 300NT (roughly 14 AUD)

Information for visiting fans:

Away fans: It's possible to fly into Kaohsiung or Taipei Airport. If you fly into Taipei the best way to connect is by using Taiwan's high-speed rail.

Stadium: The World Games Stadium is located in Zuoying, which is in Kaohsiung district, but outside of Kaohsiung city. I would advise visiting fans to eat or drink before heading to the stadium as there isn't much on offer around the ground. The CTFA will have stands at the game, but the choice will be limited to what is there.

Entering the ground: The CTFA is quite strict when it comes to following what can be taken into the stadium, no bottled drinks are allowed, and usually, are emptied into plastic cups.

Flags: Flags need to be checked at the ground before you enter the stadium, and be approved by the CTFA staff. If approved then we have been told hanging them up should not be an issue. Flags should not contain anything racist, discriminatory, or political or they'll be refused.

List of useful websites:

If any visiting fans would like to know any other information, about places to visit, things to do, or what food to eat then let us know, and we will help as best we can.


  1. thanks so much when can i buy tickets from the website mentioned above?

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